Looking for Air Force Patches?

If you work for the air force and has been assigned to provide awesome air force patches for the units or any branch of the air force OR you belong to a unit of these honorable men and women who defend their country and you are looking for the best patches to wear and represent your unit, line of duty or even for your name, you’ll find this an interesting read because our job is to provide you with the best air force patches with highest quality you can never get elsewhere.

We are Houston Embroidery Service a leading manufacturer and supplier of air force patches. We are based in Texas and we offer rush deliveries at great prices. We make our air force patches with different types of backing options including Velcro backing, peel and stick, Iron on backing and many others. We also create other types of patches with any type of backing option. Our services at a glance include;

  • Low Prices with Quick Turnaround Time
  • Special discount to SAGE, ASI, and PPAI members
  • 5-Day RUSH Delivery
  • Free Shipping Worldwide on All Orders
  • Velcro, Iron on, and Peel and Stick Backing
  • Custom patches No Minimum


Before you place your request, I’m sure you might have a lot of questions concerning how we make these patches, what else you need to know and the options available to you. You might have questions like;

  • How air force patches are made?
  • Is it hand stitched, or what technology or machines is used in making them?
  • What type of thread and fabric is used in making the air force patches?
  • How are they designed?
  • What backing method is most suitable and how do you attach them?
  • How much does it cost to make them?
  • Can I order custom patches no minimum?
  • When do I get my patches delivered if I make an order?


No matter what your questions could be, we’ve taken time to answer these questions below. Keep reading…

How do we make our air force patches?

We make our air force patches using the embroidery method. This involves using a computerized embroidery machine with an embroidery thread and a piece of cloth to create the patch from a design uploaded to the machine. After you’ve placed your request for an air force patch, we design and upload it to the machine.

What machines are used in making air force patches?

There are several brands of embroidery machines in the market; however we use the Barudan embroidery machine. The Barudan machine is a Japanese brand which has been tested and trusted by many for its high quality embroidery. It stands as the most popular brand in the market. While many of our competitors use Chinese brands of embroidery machines, we consistently use Barudan so we can provide you with top notch embroidery patches. Visit this page to learn more about the Barudan embroidery machine.

What type of thread and fabric is used?

Lots of threads are readily available in the market for creating patches. However, to make sure we provide you with the best and finest patches, we make use of the Madeira embroidery thread which is the most popular, the finest and the most expensive thread on earth. For the sake of cost and affordability, we make use of this thread only on request especially when the order placed involves making patches that are fire resistant. You can visit our site for more details of fire resistant embroidered patches.  In order to make our patches cost effective, we use the best among Chinese threads which are also good to make the air force patches.


For the fabric, we use twill polyester fabric. We also use Nylon fabrics, Real Leather, Fake Leather, Canvas and many other types of woven fabrics base on your request. We also make use of these fabric types in other types of patches like the military emblem, etc.

What backing method is most suitable and how do you attach them?

There are various backing methods that can be used on the air force patches which include the Velcro backing which involves the use of a lineal fabric strip with tiny hooks that could attach itself temporarily with another fabric strip made of smaller loops until it’s pulled apart, peel and stick, Iron on backing and many others.

However, we use the “sew on” backing option to apply our air force patches on clothing. The “sew on” backing option involves sewing the patch on the fabric with a sewing machine or by hand using the needle and thread. The advantage of this method is that the patch remains firm on its position even after washing the fabric severally.

How much does it cost to get air force patches?

It doesn’t cost much to get your air force patches from us as we calculate our prices based on the number of stitches which makes it more affordable for you. We do not have minimum orders as you can order any amount of patches and we will have it made for you at an affordable rate.

Can I order custom patches no minimum?

Yes you can! Since we do not have minimum orders, even of you need to order just one air force patch for your personal use, we are at your service.  We are able to do this because we have our own embroidery machines which enables us offer you the flexibility of ordering for any amount of patches. So we take orders on air force patches irrespective of the number of patches needed. This service is also available for all the types of patches we produce.

When do I get my patches delivered if I make an order?

We offer a quick paced service, so your delivery shouldn’t take long. However, we might need to go through a few processes like having you confirm the design as well as the first patch draft. Once these are completed, we will commence production immediately and dispatch the order. We use DHL for our deliveries meaning you should have your military emblems delivered within 3 – 4 days from the time of dispatch if you are in the US. There are also options for 3-days or 5-days RUSH service.

Learn more about the air force uniform

Our air force patches are specifically designed to be attached on air force uniforms. The air force uniform is the approved military attire worn by the airmen of the Unites States Air Force. These uniforms include the standardized wear commonly worn by both of the active components of the air force (the Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard) as well as the ones specifically worn by each of these components. Before 1947 the air force did not have their official uniforms. An approval of the uniform by President Truman in 1948 after the leaders of fledging organization determined the color as blue earlier in 1946 was struck out by the congress due to cost concerns.


Today, the blue uniform after several stages has evolved to a service dress uniform consisting of a three-button coat, with silver mirror-finish, “U.S” pins on the lapels, matching trousers and a service cap or flight cap all in shade 1620. This uniform is also known as “Air Force Blue” and is worn with a light blue shirt and a broken twill neck tie of shade 1620. Airmen who have been enlisted wear this uniform with cloth rank insignia which are embroidered patches on the two sleeves of the jacket while officers wear metal insignia pinned to the coat.

Who uses air force patches

The Air Force patches are designed for the honorable men and women of the Air Force which is the air arm of the nation’s armed forces. Also referred to as Airmen, this branch of the armed forces are charged with duties that focuses on flights like flight support missions, constructing airstrips, guarding missile sites, protecting bases and other military missions in collaboration with other branches of the military.


The United States Air Force is one of the five branches of the United States Armed Forces charged with the task of aerial space and space warfare service. Initially part of the US Army formed in 1907, this branch of the military was established as a separate branch in 1947 with the mission to attain space and cyberspace superiority, global intelligence, rapid global mobility, global strike, surveillance and reconnaissance, command and control. There are


They make use of the air force patches as insignia on their uniforms to show their ranks, the unit they belong to, symbols for specific missions for example; NASA patches, special awards/decoration received which are known as patches of honor, etc.


These patches are useful as it is used to distinguish these men from one another showing their ranks, designations, achievements and experience.

History of air force patches

The Air Force patches can be said to be as old as the Air force dated back to 1947 when the U.S. Air Force became a fully spate branch of the armed forces. Then the units continued to wear uniforms nearly identical to U.S. Army as well as their former unit patches on their left shoulder if they had served in combat with it. The uniforms went on to evolve as a sewn on cloth rank insignia patch was designed for enlisted members while an embroidered metallic rank insignia on a dark blue background was designed for officers. Today, different Air Force patches have been created to be attached on their various uniforms including the service dress, combat uniform, mess dress, band uniform, command uniform, etc.

Air force patches service

Military patches are generally common and can easily be found or bought. However you would be surprised that it could also be difficult to get the specific patch you need for your Air Force back packs or your combat uniform when you go to your military local supply or surplus store. If you can’t get your unit patches at a specialized military supply local store, where else can you get it? This is where we come in. We’ve made this service available to you in order to bridge the gap between you and your needs for any type of air force patches.


Houston embroidery boasts of a wide and expanse collection of unit patches designed just for you. So why go at the military store in search of your air force patches when we can simply ship it to you quickly. We also have the American flag patch that is normally attached on the right shoulder of your uniforms. If also need morale patches that you can give to your buddies, family members or add to your collection, we’ve also got you covered. So you don’t have to go searching in bins and buckets to find what you are looking for, for every type of patch you need, we supply. We have just about every unit, division or service patch for you.


Over the years, as we provide these custom embroidered patches for the military, police, fire departments, we tend to get special requests for Velcro backing to their unit patches. Therefore we also design custom patches at your request with as this type of backing makes it easy for removal of the patches. It has proved useful since no sewing is required, better durability since you can easily pull it out from the uniform before washing the uniform as unwashed patches last longer. It also makes it possible for you to swap patches or even uniforms since all you need is to apply the same patch on the new uniform. This type of backing which makes use of use of a lineal fabric strip with tiny hooks for easy attach and pull was originally designed to be used on patches for the armed forces to enable the soldier remove them if they are captured. This is done to prevent passing the information on those patches to the enemy.


Therefore in the bid to offer you great air force patches, we’ve also made it possible for you to request for special backing options on any of the patches you are looking for. Whether Velcro, iron on or any type of backing, we’ve got you covered.