Custom Biker Patches

Custom biker patches, custom back patches, and custom rocker patches are our best sellers. We deliver all custom motorcycle vest back patches, custom patches for jackets, or custom vest patches quickly and offer free shipping.
Regular turnaround time 10-working days, and 3-day rush delivery at additional cost.

Biker patches – With the help of Houston Embroidery Service, you have the chance to create your own biker patches. As we offer a wide range of fabric and materials to you to choose from.


We offer motorcycle jacket patches that can easily be applied to your jackets. As you can choose the backing of your patch based on the fabric of your jackets. In addition, we offer custom back patches to various biker groups; keeping their personal style statement and choices in mind. These motorcycle jacket patches are designed by you and professionally made by our trained professional embroiderers.

With the help of our team, you will be able to create the perfect biker patches you have been looking for. We understand that these biker patches are your identity and signify the biker gang you belong to. Which is why your instructions will be followed to the letter, to fulfill your requirements.


Services Houston Embroidery Offers:

●    Affordable prices with a quick delivery time.

●    Lower Prices for PPAI, SAGE, and ASI members.

●    3 days extremely rush delivery.

●    5-day normal rush delivery.

●    Free shipping.

●    Custom backing option for patches.

●    No minimum required on custom back patches.


Motorcycle Jacket Patches Related Frequently Asked Questions:

How Biker Patches are Made?

We offer biker patches for jackets and vests, based on your artwork. Once you send in your logo, our embroidery designers will get started. Their job is to clean the design and create a digitized file using Wilcom. We have a set process in place to ensure your design will come out perfectly. In addition, we send you a virtual sample to approve before moving forward. Once you approve the file, we start embroidering your biker patches.

What Technology & Machinery is Used?

We create motorcycle jacket patches using computerized embroidery machines. We have Barudan embroidery machines. It is a Japanese machine brand. Using the digitized file (embroidery design file) that is sent to the machine. The machine reads the embroidery design file and starts the embroidery process.

What Type of Thread Do You Use?

Our custom back patches are embroidered using two different type of threads. However, we only use one type of thread per patch. With an option to choose Madeira, the world’s most expensive thread. We also allow you a chance to use standard Chinese thread. While both options offer great results, the standard Chinese thread is more economical. Which is why we only use Madeira when specifically requested. This ensures that your custom back patches are within your budget and fulfill your requirements.

How to Design Custom Back Patches?

Once you have a logo ready, you can send it to our professional embroidery designers. Who are trained to keep the design the same, but offer a free cleanup. Meaning they will create a new digitized file that fits the embroidery process. Not only does this process ensure a great outcome, but it helps ensure we are on the same page. As we send you a virtual copy of the digitized file for approval before we start the embroidery process. Clearing out any miscommunication or errors in design.

How To Apply Biker Patches?

Biker patches are significantly bigger in size than regular cap patches. As they are designed to fit the back of your biker jackets and vests. However, that is not always the case. Which is why we offer you the best solution based on your requirements. Once we know what material of jackets and vests you will be using these patches on, along with their sizes; we will be able to offer you the best possible solution. Meaning the application process will depend on the patches backing chosen after details are shared.

How Much Will Motorcycle Jacket Patches Cost?

Your motorcycle jacket patches final cost will depend on the stitches per patch. Unlike other embroidery service providers, we offer a stitch based cost. This help ensures we offer you a fair price based in the stitch count per patch, rather than basing the price on the size of your patch. As each patch features a different stitch count, we feel it would be best to follow a simple price setting policy. This help ensures that your custom back patches come with an understandable price tag. Moreover, we can offer you a solid number once you have sent in your requirements.

What is the Minimum Order for Biker Patches?

Houston Embroidery Service supports no minimum policy on custom orders. Meaning, we even take on orders that range from five to ten biker patches. We understand that there is a time when you only need a small number of patches. This can be based on your preference, or to run a test order. Either way, we offer the same quality experience to all our clients.

How Quickly Can I Get My Biker Patches for Jacket?

We work around the clock to ensure that your custom back patches are sent your way as soon as possible. However, we are unable to offer you a fixed date without additional details. Keeping in mind that the time frame of your delivery for custom back patches depends on size and quantity. As these are the main aspects that add to the delivery time. In addition, once you have approved the sample, and signed and delivered the confirmation copy; we will start embroidering. If you are in a hurry, we offer a SUPER RUSH deliver with an additional cost.

Create Your Motorcycle Jacket Patches:

Houston Embroidery Service offers custom backpatches for biker jackets and vests. We cater to various biker gangs, fashion houses, and individuals. Keep reading as we offer our services to the following sectors:


Clubs: There are more than 500 large motorcycle clubs in the USA alone. Along with 2500 smaller clubs. We offer our services to any biker club that is looking to get biker patches for the jackets and vests.


Fashion Houses: With the trend of motorcycle jacket patches on the rise, fashion houses look our way for help. As we offer them custom back patches that they can easily attach to a range of wardrobes.


Personal: If you are a part of a small biker club and are looking to make your gang official. Then we offer a no minimum order policy on our custom back patches.

Origin of Biker Patches

As far as we know, the origin of motorcycle patches dates back to the 1920s. Back then the American Motorcycle Association was founded by a group of riders from the same area. During these AMA events, bikers from the area would come together and embroider the names or tagline of the group on the back of their jackets. In 1947, a riot took place at an event in Hollister caused by the AMA. After which they issue a statement suggesting that 99% of their bikers are law-abiding citizens. From that point, bikers who were known to break the law labeled themselves as the 1%. Even to this day, we have seen the 1% patch that has become an iconic symbol in the biker community.


However, from the 1920s to the 1950s AMA consist only of whites. At that point clubs that took in non-white members, and didn’t follow the rules were referred to as “outlawed”. The policy changed in the 1950s, and we saw a great participation from the African American community in the AMA.


Today most motorcycle clubs offer a single patch that mostly features the name of their club, where it’s from, along with other information. There are a number of outlaw clubs that wear three separate patches. The catch is, that each patch must be earned by the club member. These patches are also called rockers and can be achieved by completing a task set by the club leadership. These biker patches are a sign of pride and achievements, that calls for respect from other members.

Insight on Motorcycle Jacket Patches

We were informed that motorcycle patches told a story. Using only a handful of words printed on or around the patches, you can get a great insight. You must have seen everything from hilarious to mischievous says; along with everything in between. Our custom back patches will be based on your requirements and won’t have any addition from our side. We understand the importance of authenticity and precision. Which is why we seek your approval throughout the process.


We understand that motorcycle jacket patches are much like military patches. They are used to identify the wearer. However, each group offers a different name, logo, and color scheme. Biker clubs focus on colors especially. As they represent significant markers of the club. For instance, beginner members get a different colored patch, and so on. Moreover, the more we research the matter we understand how motorcycle clubs are built along the same hierarchical lines as the military. The entire process began after WWII, and a strong brotherhood was formed.


They came together and created a family they could rely on, ride with; and live their lives with. This was not the family they were born into, but the family they chose for themselves. Even when biker patches weren’t common we had large biking clubs riding the streets with matching motorcycle jacket patches. These patches were simple and signified their bond. The jacket was seen as a key to the family, and only the wearer was allowed access. Making them an organized group of brothers. Back in the day, they were seen as a powerful gang, especially the 1% that lived their lives on the other side.


Over the years biker gangs, much like military soldiers have fought together, watched brothers die, were wounded, and came back home together. Even when the mission goes as per planned they celebrate together.


If you are a member of any marketing associations like SAGE, ASI, or PPAI, great! Now you can avail additional discount rates on all our offers for patches. When you position an order, just inform us your subscription number to get the huge discount.

Please take a look at our special deals for Iron on Sports Patches; we likewise have specials for Dye Sublimated Printed patches, Woven patches, Leather pathes, PVC patches, and others. Send us an e-mail with your questions and we will be happy to assist you.


Biker Patches for Jackets

When it pertains to custom patches for coats and jackets, the very first example that enters your mind for lots of people is motorbike club patches. Vibrant patches typically decorate the back of riders’ jackets, showing subscription in a club.


Riding club patches usually have simply the big center symbol and often a top rocker. A bottom rocker is not advised for riding clubs. Some bike clubs are rather territorial, and a bottom rocker might cause misconceptions.


When it concerns biker patches for jackets, simply follow the fundamentals. Get excellent quality patches, know the significances patches can have, and take pleasure in the flight!


Beyond the back patches, custom patches for jackets are less limited. If you wish to use a flag patch, name patch, political declaration and even an amusing patch, you’re in good condition. You can put those practically anywhere on a jacket or vest.


Those who are not members of a club may not understand that there specify guidelines for patches within those clubs. In many cases, even those who are not club members might deal with some undesirable surprises for not following the guidelines.


Motorbike clubs, on the other hand, have more rigid requirements to sign up with, and more duties for the members. Patches are made, not bought, and can take a considerable dedication of time and energy to win. It can take months to reach complete membership in some motorbike clubs.


The very first secret is to understand the distinction in between a riding (or riders’) club and a bike club. Usually, a riding club is a loose company of individuals who prefer to ride. It might be tailored towards owners of particular bikes (Harley Owners’ Group– HOG, for instance.) Members may reside in a particular location or come from a particular occupation.


Bike clubs frequently use the timeless three-piece patches on the back of their jackets. The top panel or “rocker” reveals the name of the club. The big focal point reveals the club symbol or logo design in the center, and the bottom rocker reveals the club’s house area. A little rectangular shape with “MC” in it may or may not be present.


The most crucial guideline for non-motorcycle club members to bear in mind is never ever pretend to be something you’re not. If you aim to imitate a real member of a bike club without being one, you’re most likely to pay the effects. Much better to be yourself and follow appropriate patch rules at all times. And never ever– ever– use motorbike club patches if you are not a complete member of the club.


It’s a good idea to obtain the very best quality patches for your jackets and coats. If you’re riding, the patches will go through heat, rain, wind and other elements that can use them down. Seek to a provider such as Houston Embroidery Service to offer you the greatest quality products you can purchase for all your custom patches. With tough support twill and premier embroidery thread, well-crafted patches can last as long as the jacket they’re connected to. They likewise do not cost anymore than you ‘d spend for lower patches from another provider.


Riding clubs usually have couple of membership requirements and are simple to sign up with. You can acquire custom patches for jackets and be accepted instantly.


Patches for jackets are embroidered patches for biker jackets, normally. Be it leather jackets, motorcycle jackets, or wool jackets. Custom patches are everything we do. We’re your one-stop, no-issue source whenever you need patches for jackets for sports groups, organizations, military units, bike clubs and occasions, outdoors, Scouting, combative techniques or some other reason. Our patches for jackets and coats are ideal for outfits, duffle packs, coats or some other need. We supply top quality patches at awesome costs, with top notch client benefit. Exceptionally embroidered patches give a top notch look without the staggering expense. What’s more, you can get the flexibility of adding your modified plan to any piece of attire paying little heed to texture, size, or shape. We have be opportune to work on large number of exceptionally embroidered patches going from Scout gatherings of various sorts, outdoors fixes, firefighter patches, police patches, EMT patches, and military patches, to corporate patches for many organizations.


We are number one hotspot for custom patches! With several exclusive styles and attachment choices, we know you’ll discover and like precisely what you’re searching for. We influence your purchasing and make it fast and simple. We’ll utilize our experience to plan some extraordinary looking custom patches that will suit your need. Our custom patches are launderable, dry-cleanable, and to a great extent, strong. They will really outlive generally pieces of clothing. Their over-bolted merrowed outskirts won’t unwind, shred, or twist. Regardless of whether you order small or large quantity you will get a great quality patches.


Our company ranks the best as custom patch maker. Simply send us a photo of your logo, existing patch or any thought that you might want to see changed into a uniquely embroidered patches. We acknowledge configuration pictures in any PC design. You can even email us a portray or drawing of your coveted plan. No matter what your patch needs are, we can deal with it. We offer a full scope of sizes, custom shapes, border and attachment techniques. Simply let us know what you require and our awesome group of embroiderers will get it going.


We trust our costs are the most minimal anyplace. We make ordering of custom patches to be a speedy and fun process. That is the core reason we follow a multi-step framework to take your orders. We can rapidly begin making your astonishing patches that we know you will love. To start with, basically send us your patch outline thoughts and any important artworks or pictures. Second, our embroidery designer will make a digital sample which you can see and endorse before production. Last, after approval, we start production after approval.