Custom Police Patches

Custom police patches are made with Velcro or iron on at low prices, and are dispatched 1-day RUSH and 10-day regular turnaround. Send your logo to get the price.


The fine details that make up an officer’s uniform say a lot about the officer. Starting from the police badge patch, the reflective police patch to all the custom police patches are important as these are one of the first things seen by the public.

We are aware that officers undergo rigorous inspection to ensure that their uniforms are presentable so they can wear it proudly without settling for less. This is why we are here to give you best quality custom police patches, police badge patch and reflective police patch specially made for you. We can also duplicate an existing police badge patch or reflective police patch to make them look better with finer details.


If you are not a police officer but wish to show your support for this honorable men and women, we can also design custom police patches for you to show how much you care and appreciate their bravery and sacrifice.

We are Houston Embroidery Service, your one-stop service provider of custom police patches, police badge patch, reflective police patch, and other types of patches.  With our patch service, we also offer you the opportunity to customize exactly what you want irrespective of the quantity needed. We are a leading custom made patches manufacturer and supplier in Texas. We offer different patch types at great and affordable prices. Below are our services at a glance;

  • Special Discount to SAGE, ASI and PPAI members
  • Low Prices with Quick Turnaround time.
  • 3-day Super RUSH Delivery
  • Free Shipping Worldwide on all orders.
  • 5-day RUSH Delivery.
  • Custom Police patches
  • Police badge patch
  • Reflective police patch

Please note that you can also order for any of these custom police patches in bulk for your team or unit and we’ll have them made for you.

How are these Custom Police Patches made?

Custom police patches or police badge patch are made using computerized embroidery machines using embroidery thread on any piece of cloth. This procedure requires the police badge patch designed first using a computer program which creates a digital embroidery file. The file is sent to the embroidery machine using a USB or data cable after which the machine reads the file and makes the police badge patch on the fabric. This same process applies with the reflective police patch.

What kind of thread do you use in making the Police badge patch

There are many types of threads in the market but Madeira embroidery thread is the most popular, the finest, and the most expensive thread on this earth. However, for the sake of cost and affordability of the patches by our clients, we only make use of it upon request especially, for fire resistant embroidered patches (Please visit this page for more details on fire resistant embroidered patches).  So, we use Chinese thread which is also a good thread in making the Police badge patch as well as the other custom police patches. However, if you want us to use Madeira embroidery thread, you can place a request for that. Click here to see more about Madeira.

What type of embroidery machine do you use to make the reflective police patch?

In the trying to give you the best quality reflective police patch, police badge patch, and other custom police patches, we use the best computerized embroidery machines. There are many brands of embroidery machines in the market but we use the Barudan embroidery machine. It is a Japanese brand known for its high quality embroidery and also stands as the most popular in the market. Many of our competitors use Chinese brands that provide low quality embroidery but we make use of Barudan to make sure we give our customers the best. Visit this page to learn more about Barudan embroidery machine.

How do you make the reflective police patch reflective?

The reflection from the reflective police patch is achieved by using a reflective fabric or material like scotch lite in the design. This enables the patch to glow in the dark by reflecting back any light thrown at it.

Who are your major buyers of your custom police patches?

Our police badge patch and reflective police patch are mostly purchased by Government approved uniform suppliers who use these emblems on the uniforms they supply to the police. Police departments and individual police officers also purchase custom police patches directly from us especially when they need it customized and also, individuals who would love to show their support for the police.

What backing options do you use for the reflective police patch?

In making the reflective police patch as well as other custom police patches, there are four common ways to attach them on clothing; the Velcro Backing, Iron-On Backing or Heat Seal Backing, Sew on Backing, Peel and Stick Backing. Visit this page to learn more about these backing options.