Girl Scout Badges

Looking for High-Quality, Affordable Girl Scout Badges?

Do you belong to the Girl Scouts of America or have a sister, daughter, or friend who recently earned a merit badge?  Then, let us create a first rate design of a befitting badge. As a member of the Girls Scouts of America, there are over 135 merit badges to be earned. For each of these badges, you are required to complete a list of requirements periodically updated from certain activities.

Houston Embroidery Service is your one-stop service provider for designing and making Girl Scout badges and other types of badges (custom patches). We can design and create all the 135 merit badges awarded to any member of the Girl Scout. Simultaneously, we offer customization services for ease in getting your choice design irrespective of quantity. We are known as a leading custom made patches manufacturer and supplier in Texas. As such, we offer you the different possibilities of getting various patch types with numerous backing options, all at great and affordable prices. Below are our services at a glance;

  • Low Prices with Quick Turnaround time.
  • Special Discount to SAGE, ASI and PPAI members
  • 3-day Super RUSH Delivery
  • Free Shipping Worldwide on all orders.
  • 5-day RUSH Delivery.
  • Embroidered Girl Scout Badges
  • Custom made patches

Before you place a request for some patches via this link, we’ve have outlined some questions you might need answers to, for our Girl Scout Badges so you easily get a quick understanding of these patches.

What makes our girl scout badges stand out?

Each Girl Scout badge you get is designed and embroidered carefully. Designed with the best embroidery threads, your custom made Girl Scout Badges will lead you on in enthusiasm with its detailed astonishing design whilst still conforming to the merit badge artwork. Lots of cheaper brands of the embroidery machine exist. However, we choose to use the best embroidery machine for you to deliver a satisfactory work. Our choice of embroidery machine is the Barudan Machine, known and respected throughout the patch making industry for its characteristic benefits of quickness, high volume turn out and remarkable detailing with consistency. As soon as you place a patch request for your desired batch specifics, all we need do is create and upload a design into the machine which creates promptly and delicately the design on a piece of cloth. To know more about the Barudan Machines, do visit this page.

Each badge is designed to have the highest standards for patches, bear matching colors, design, dimensions and the final appearance to your patch request. We are outstanding in our services as such you won’t find any other Embroidered Girl Scout Badges as detailed as this. Visit this page to learn more about our embroidered patches.

How do I attach/apply the girl scout badges when I purchase them from you?

During the manufacturing process, we design all our Girl Scout Badges for use on any type of backing method. Given that Scouts are students, often times they are unable to afford the payment of sewing services to sew on their patches on their uniforms/bags. Furthermore, with the frequency with which they readily change their badges/patches say in one, two, or even three months, we deduced that iron on backing is the best and cheap backing option for them. These types of patches make it easier for attachment or removal with the aid of a home iron or a heat press machine.

The Girl Scout badges are attached using a heat seal machine (dry iron) on a flat clean and dry surface. The iron on backing option is made up of a thin layer of glue designed to readily fasten onto a fabric, after cooling, when heat is applied to it from a dry iron. Visit this page and learn more about the Iron on Backing. Here are quick directions on how to apply your Embroidered Girl Scout Merit Badges:

  • Set your heat seal machine between 175 C to 185 C depending on the strength of fabric
  • Place the badge on the desired position
  • Place a thick 100% Cotton twill over the fabric
  • Press on the iron for 20 – 25 seconds
  • Press the inside-out turned part of the garment for another 15 seconds and allow the fabric to cool off.

How do you make your girl scout badges?

We make our Girl Scout Badges using computerized embroidery machines. We can use embroidery thread in an embroidery machine to embroider a logo or text on any piece of cloth. This procedure requires using a computer program called Wilcom Embroidery Digitizing Software to first design the badge. Afterwards, using a USB or data cable, this file is sent into the embroidery machine that reads the file interpreting it on a fabric as the badge. Click here to find out more about the Wilcom Embroidery Digitizing Software.

How much is your cost for each merit badge in your collection of Girl Scout badges?

In order to make these badges affordable for you, we calculate the cost with respect to the number of stitches. We also give you flexibility in your orders as we do not have minimum to orders. With this, you can order any number Girl Scout Badges you can afford.

How fast can I receive the custom embroidered girl scout badges once I place an order?

Your order would get to you in a timely manner as we do our best to offer all customers quick turnaround services. This implies immediate production and dispatch of your order as soon as you confirm the design and first patch draft. For deliveries, we use DHL services by which your Embroidered Girl Scout Badges order get to you within 3 – 4 days from the time of dispatch if you are in the US. However, we also offer 3-days or 5-days RUSH service.

The Girls Scout Uniform

In America, the Girls Scout program is readily identified with an approved uniform for all members and volunteers. These distinctive uniforms are proudly worn to symbolize the high principles and ideals for which Girl Scout programs stands. The official dress code is required when its member both girls and adults are requested to participate in certain ceremonies or for an official representation during the Girl Scout Movement. Likewise, they can be required to for different occasions ranging from scout outings to patrol meetings, and troop meetings to mention but a few. The official uniform is a vest, tunic or sash worn with a solid white shirt and khaki skirt or pants. However, what differentiate each member from the other are the badges they have earned from participating in different activities or achieving various feats. The Girl Scout Brownies and Girl Scout Daisies are required to have a full uniform offering. At each level, a Girl Scout can wear at least one required element (tunic, sash, or vest) to display official pins and awards.

There are general guidelines defining how these badges can be positioned and displayed on the Girls Scout Uniform. Usually, sashes are worn draped over the right shoulder and left hip while the insignia tab is worn over the heart on the left chest. All unofficial awards such as fun, camp or cookie patches are required to be placed on the back of the uniform while official awards are placed in front. Should the Scout run out of space on the front of the uniform, the badges and awards may be placed on the back.

Who are your major buyers?

Our Girl Scout badges are used by girls of different age levels of the Girls Scout who have earned one or more different merit awards.  For each similar girls scout badge required for a merit award, we create the same motif design of high quality. This will produce a finely cut and top notch badge superior to the common badges out there. Consequently, some of our buyers include adults who represent the Girl Scout Movement or will be giving special awards in form of high quality merit badges in recognition of their member’s interests and skills. To meet this request/order, we use exact thread or fabric colors at no extra cost.

History of Girls Scout Badges

The Girls Scout Badges are merit badges whose history dates right back to the inception of the Girls Scout program on 12th March 1912. The first badges produced between March 1913 and March 1918 matched the blue uniforms worn by the Scouts at that time. By 1918 when the Girl Scout Uniform changed from white to Khaki, the badges changed likewise to simple khaki cloth circles with black stitches. From 1928, grey green fabric designs were introduced and badges were seen to be produced on squared fabric from which a Girl Scout can trim, tuck and sew unto her sleeve. By 1988, all badges were produced on fabric edges as a circle.

An explosion of badge designs was seen in 1938 with up to 109 badges made. To keep up with the changing trends in the modern world, designs were introduced and deleted up until 1955 when embroidery was introduced by manufacturers. They created badges on the same fabric but on a Merrow Edge to provide a cleaner badge with less stray threads. By 1977, the Girl Scout program grouped activities into five interest areas through the “Worlds to Explore” Approach. Accomplishing a feat/activity qualifies you for a merit badge. By 1990, more badges were introduced to keep up with the world trends whilst still maintaining the values of the founder of Girls Scout. By the 100th Anniversary on March 12 2012, all badges were updated with many new ones introduced.

The Girl Scout has 6 different levels: the Daisies, Brownies, Juniors, Cadettes, Seniors and the Ambassadors. Each level has different awards and matching badges correspondent to the interest topics/skills accomplished. With an exception of the Daisies, at each level all scouts are required to earn 7 badges. These badges give a girl a great way to bring to light her inner interests as she explores and learns new skills. In turn, she will remember every adventure and show the world what she’s accomplished even while on the original goals of her Scout.

Girl Scout Badges: The Newest Merit Badges Designed to Tackle 21st Century Issues

The Girl Scouts goal is to help its members develop important soft skills, such as confidence, patience and perseverance, and also hard skills to ultimately set them up for great success. These goals are always modified with the changing years and technological advancements. With each change, Girl Scout merit badges are designed to match each activity accomplished to challenge each Scout to do more. As a Girl Scout member, a girl is encouraged in her interests and her likes with Girl Scout badges for achieving success while at it.  Within a unique Girl Scout’s environment, one will find fun filled, exciting, and essential activities leading to experiences that drive a girl’s future career and life success. From an early age of 5, a girl can harness different innate skills. As such, with the recent trends and need for women’s early exposure to leadership and development, the Girl Scout organization introduced merit badges for cyber security, robotics and space science fields.

With this, cookie season will take a back seat to solving some of the most pressing needs of the society such as fighting identity theft and computer crimes, engineering, space exploration etc . Rather than investing on honing money making skills only, as young as 5, a Girl Scout is offered the opportunity to earn her first-ever cyber security, robotic or space exploration badge. As soon as she masters the required skill set, she is qualified to have a Girl Scout cyber security badge. With this approach, it is believed that as many as 1.8 million Girl Scouts who are in kindergarten through sixth grade are equipped with this valuable 21st century skill set. Rather than cookie sales, a Girl Scout is taught from a young age to understand and address the complexities and inherent challenges accompanying the cyber realm.

Funded by different organizations, these merit badges will serve as awards for each girls accomplishment towards releasing her inner scientist or explorer. The hope is that with these merit badges, girls in grades K–5 can learn more about leadership, exhibit skills geared towards community problem-solving in preparation to take action for a better world. According to Palo Alto Networks, an organization funding the cyber security Girl Scout badge launch, arming girls from a young age with the right tools to address cyber crime will help representing the company’s advocacy of cyber preparedness. These new set of badges introduced will proactively address some of these foremost 21st Century challenges while simultaneously building skills that will set them up for a lifetime of being leaders.