Girl Scout Patches

Are you a Girl Scout or do you have a daughter who is a member that just earned a merit badge? Then this is for you. Girl Scout are gaining more voice with the passing years and with the right patch, a Scout can loud her success more. Whether you need a customized Girl Scout patch to show off your accomplishment or just moved to a new level, our job is to create the best patch that meets your needs. We will provide you with the perfect design patch as you celebrate and remember your accomplishment.

We are Houston Embroidery Service, a leading custom made patches manufacturer and supplier in Texas. Our services include creating customized patches with numerous backing options and high quality all at great and affordable prices.

Below are our services at a glance;

  • Low Prices with Quick Turnaround time.
  • Special Discount to SAGE, ASI and PPAI members
  • 3-day Super RUSH Delivery
  • Free Shipping Worldwide on all orders.
  • 5-day RUSH Delivery.
  • Embroidered Girl Scout Patches
  • Custom made patches

In order to ensure you understand all our services and how much you stand to gain when you other from us via this link, find below some questions and answers you should know before place an order with us. Keep reading…

How do you make these Girl Scout patches?

Custom patches are made using different methods like printing technique, embroidery, woven, PVC and Leather. However, we employ the common technique of embroidery with the aid of our computerized embroidery machines when we design Girl Scout Patches. As soon as you place an order, we use this machine to embroider your text or logo with embroidery thread on any piece of cloth. The design process is carried out on a computer program called Wilcom Embroidery Digitizing Software resulting in a digital embroidery file. Find out more about this software by visiting this page. The file, transferred via a USB cable, is further processed in the embroidery machine creating the patch on a fabric.

What makes your Girl Scout Patches different?

Our customizations offer you variety of options to choose from including fabric types, sizes and shapes. Made with the best embroidery threads, our Girl Scout patches provide you with outstanding detailed designs which remains conformed to the patch artwork. Despite availability of cheaper brands of embroidery machines, we use the best to make sure you’re fully satisfied. Our choice of embroidery machine is the Barudan Machine. It is known and respected throughout the patch making industry for its characteristic benefits of quickness, high volume turn out and detailed consistency. Despite the availability of cheaper brands, we use it to make sure we give you the best designs that are clean and durable. We tailor everything down to your specific demands To know more about the Barudan Machines, do visit this page. We are outstanding in our services as such you won’t find any other Embroidered Girl Scout Patches as detailed as this. We can guarantee your satisfaction if you make your own patch with us. Visit this page to learn more about all embroidered patches we make.

What is the backing method for your Girl Scout Patches?

We design our Girl Scout Patches to accommodate any type of backing method. Given that Girl Scouts are students, we enabled each of these badges with the iron on backing option. With the frequency at which they readily change their badges/patches say in one, two, or even three months, we deduced that this backing option is the best and cheap option for them. With it, these types of patches are easier to attach or remove using a home iron or a heat press machine. The Girl Scout will thus easily apply it on her uniforms/bags without much ado.

A heat seal machine (dry iron) on a flat clean and dry surface is used in attaching the Girl Scout patches are attached using. The iron on backing option is made up of a thin layer of glue designed to readily fasten onto a fabric, after cooling, when heat is applied to it from a dry iron. Visit this page and learn more about the Iron on Backing. Here are quick directions on how to apply your Embroidered Girl Scout patches:

  • Set your heat seal machine between 175 C to 185 C depending on the strength of fabric
  • Place the patch on the desired position
  • Place a thick 100% Cotton twill over the fabric
  • Press on the iron for 20 – 25 seconds
  • Press the inside-out turned part of the garment for another 15 seconds and allow the fabric to cool off.

What is the cost of purchasing your Girl Scout Patches?

To help you make your Girl Scout patches at affordable rates, our prices are based on the number of stitches made. This process makes customization very affordable for you. You also can purchase any number you want as we do not have minimum to orders. Be rest assured that having us make your own patch will not be expensive.

How quickly can I get my Girl Scout Patches?

We deliver at a fast paced rate, so your order shouldn’t take long to get to you. As soon as you affirm your artwork, we begin the production process of your patch design. Once this is completed, we will dispatch the order using DHL. This implies that your order will be delivered within 3 – 4 days from the time of dispatch if you are in the US. There are also options for 3-days or 5-days RUSH service.

The Girls Scout Uniform

The Girls Scout program in America has an approved uniform for all members and volunteers just as other organizations such as the Boys Scout. These uniforms distinctively symbolize the high principles and goals upon which the program was designed for. When its member both girls and adults are requested to participate in certain ceremonies or at an official representation such as the Girl Scout Movement, the official dress code is donned. At the same time, at certain occasions such as scout outings, the uniform can be worn.

The official Girls Scout uniform is a vest, tunic or sash worn with a solid white shirt and khaki skirt or pants. There are general guidelines defining how Girl Sscout patches can be positioned and displayed on the Girls Scout Uniform. All unofficial awards such as fun, camp or cookie patches are required to be placed on the back of the uniform while official awards/badges are placed in front.

 Patches tends to be a differentiating factor between levels in the program. They are earned and placed at the back of the vest after a member has participated in different activities or achieved various feats. The Girl Scout Brownies and Girl Scout Daisies are expected to have a full uniform offering. At each level of the program, a Girl Scout can wear at least one required element (tunic, sash, or vest) to display official patches/pins and awards.

The Major Buyers and End Users Of Girl Scout Patches?

Girls in the different levels of the Girl Scout program make up our list of buyers.  For each similar girls scout patch required for an activity accomplished, the same motif design of high quality is created. This produces a finely cut and top notch patch superior to the common patches out there. Consequently, some of our buyers include adults/ambassadors who represent the Girl Scout Movement or will be giving special awards in form of top notch quality patches in recognition of their member’s interests and skills. For this request/order, we use the exact thread or fabric colors at no extra cost.

History of Girls Scout Patches

The Girls Scout Patches are as old as the organization dating back to 12th March 1912. The first patches produced between March 1913 and March 1918 fitted the blue uniforms worn by the Scouts. By 1918, the new uniform became khaki and this introduced a change in the patches made. The patch style became simple khaki cloth circles with black stitches. By 1928, grey green fabric designs were commonly used. Patches were then produced on squared fabric and applied by trimming, tucking and sewing method on a Girl Scout’s sleeve. By 1988, all patches were finally produced on fabric edges as circles.

1938 was the year that saw an explosion of patch designs with up to 109 patches introduced at once. As the years swept by, new designs were introduced and deleted to keep up with the changing trends in the modern world. By 1955, embroidery method of patch production was introduced by manufacturers. They created patches on the same fabric but finishing on on a Merrow Edge for a cleaner patch with less stray threads. By 1977, “Worlds to Explore” Approach was initiated into the program grouping its activities into five interest areas. With this, accomplishing a feat/activity qualifies one for a merit patch. By 1990, more patches were introduced to keep up with the world trends whilst still maintaining the goals of the founder of Girls Scout. By the 100th Anniversary on March 12 2012, all patches were updated to the latest trend with many new ones introduced. Every year, as the goals of the Girl Scouts are reviewed, many organizations award and fund various activities which in turn introduces more patches.

There are 6 levels in the Girl Scout program: the Daisies, Brownies, Juniors, Cadettes, Seniors and the Ambassadors. Different awards and matching patches are obtained when interest topics/skills are accomplished. Getting a patch lends a Scout a great pathway to bring to light her inner interests as she explores and learns new skills. She will remember every adventure and show off to the world her accomplishments as she treads on the pathways and  original goals set in the program.


Girls Scout Patches: Translating the true feeling of an accomplished skill into a customized sturdy patch

Girl Scouts celebrate uniqueness through embroidered patches. Did you know that you can customize your own Girl Scout patch? Custom made with your desired design, these patches might be small, but would say a lot about your skills! There’s no comparison to the feeling of giving a reward to your troop using a custom Girl Scout patch which you are proud of. An integral part of the girl scouting experience is having custom embroidered Girls Scout patches. A memory is created and cherished for every patch earned by hard work or perseverance and teamwork. Each customized Girl Scout patch signifies a different accomplishment, skill or action. These patches become motivational yard stick for learning and inspiration in the lives of young girls as they keep aiming for their dreams.

Houston Embroidery Service has many years of unparalleled excellence in creating custom embroidered Girl Scout patches. We have precise production standards and apply quality materials during the production for the best service possible for our customers. We also bring to play cutting-edge technology in form of machines and design softwares to ensure we provide you with durable custom patches that have crisp, defined details. Designing your own patch with our service can be done in three easy processes. Creating a sketch followed by the approving an artwork and finally digitizing your design unto a fabric. Our creative team will help turn your patch design vision into high quality embroidered patches. We will guide you through the design and ordering process. Girls Scout Patches purchased from Houston Embroidery Service will look and remain vibrant, even long-term or when rough handled, making our sturdy patches perfect for al Girl  Scout uniforms.

Our commitment extends into your health and safety as we protect you and the environment from harmful substances. We employ the tradition of minimizing the use of chemicals as against other products on the market. Safety measures are applied during production of Girls Scout Patches and we go above and beyond in order to ensure you are safe and unexposed to potentially dangerous substances.

No matter what backing option you want for your special Girls Scout Patch design, our clearly defined and cost-effective price and delivery timelines ensure that you get the best value for any number of patch you want when you purchase from us. So whether you need a fun Camporee patch or a Girl Scout patch for a cyber security skill let Houston Embroidery Service be your Girl Scout patch creator.