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Without military emblems, a military uniform is never complete. Whether Air Force, Army, Navy, Marine, or Coast Guard, we can create special emblems that display information about rank, unit, name, squad or battalion. If you are a military personnel or a contractor who supplies military uniforms, you’ll need this. If you love style, class and fashion even while on your service uniform, we’ve got you covered with the best patch designs for your military emblems. Our Military emblems are spectacular and unique with carefully and precisely stitched designs. They are designed to compliment your uniform with great looks showing off style and great taste in fashion.

We are Houston Embroidery Service, your one-stop service provider of Military emblems as well as other types of patches.  With our patches, we also offer you the opportunity to customize exactly what you want irrespective of the quantity needed. We are a leading custom made patches manufacturer and supplier in Texas. We offer different patch types at great and affordable prices. Below are our services at a glance;

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Before you place a request for some patches via this link, we’ve have outlined some questions you might need answers to, for our military emblems so you easily get a quick understanding of these patches.

How is the Military emblems made?

Our Military emblems are made using a computerized embroidery machine. A logo or text can be embroidered with embroidery thread on any piece of cloth by an embroidery machine. In this procedure, the emblem is first designed on a computer program which creates a digital embroidery file. The file is sent to the embroidery machine using a USB or data cable; then the machine reads the file and makes the emblem on the fabric.

What kind of thread and fabric do you use in making your Military emblems?

We use the Madeira embroidery thread which is the most popular thread in the market. Although there are other good threads, this is the finest, and the most expensive thread. But we only use it on special request by our clients or when a fire resistant patch is needed for the sake of cost and affordability of the patches. (Please visit this page for more details on fire resistant embroidered patches).  So, we use Chinese thread which is also a good thread in making the Military emblems as well as other embroidered patches. However, if you want us to use Madeira embroidery thread, you can place a request for that. Click here to see more about Madeira.

In making our embroidered military emblems, we use polyester twill fabric. We also use Felt, Nylon, Real Leather, Fake Leather, Canvas, and other types of woven fabrics upon a request.

Can you make the edges of the Military Emblems sharp?

Yes we can. Instead of the standard rounded edges, we use the Hot-Cut Edge also called Satin-Stitch Edge to make the Military emblems. With this type of edge, the emblems will have sharp, detailed edges with fine levels of detail and intricate designs. This is also recommended for unusual shapes; kiss-cut or custom-cut shapes. Please note that we offer satin-stitch border at no additional cost.

What type of embroidery machine do you use to make these emblems?

There are many brands of embroidery machines in the market. However, we use the Barudan embroidery machines. This is a Japanese brand known for its high quality embroidery and also stands as the most popular in the market. Many of our competitors use Chinese brands that provide low quality embroidery but we make use of this to make sure we give our customers the best. Visit this page to learn more about Barudan embroidery machine.

What backing options do you use for the embroidered Military emblems?

There are four common ways to attach embroidered patches on clothing; the Velcro Backing, Iron-On Backing or Heat Seal Backing, Sew on Backing, Peel and Stick Backing. Most times, we use the Sew on method for Military emblems however, just like other military patches, our Military emblems can be attached using any backing option. Visit this page to learn more about these backing options.

What is the cost of purchasing your Military emblems?

It doesn’t cost much to get your Military emblems from us as we calculate our prices based on the number of stitches which makes it more affordable for you. We do not have minimum orders as you can order any amount of patches and we will have it made for you at an affordable rate.

Can I order custom patches no minimum?

Yes you can! Since we do not have minimum orders, even of you need to order just one air force patch for your personal use, we are at your service.  We are able to do this because we have our own embroidery machines which enables us offer you the flexibility of ordering for any amount of patches.

How fast can I get my Military emblems?

We offer a quick paced service, so your delivery shouldn’t take long. We dispatch the order once the production is ready. We use DHL for our deliveries meaning you should have your Velcro Name tags delivered within 3 – 4 days from the time of dispatch if you are in the US. There are also options for 3-days or 5-days RUSH service.

Military Uniforms

The military uniforms are the approved dress worn by members of the armed forces and paramilitaries of various nations. These uniforms have gone through several significant changes and upgrades over the centuries from ornamented and colorful clothing to camouflage uniforms meant for battle and field purposes. Although there are different military uniforms for different military units or arms, they all tend to offer these uniforms in different levels of formality in accordance with western dress codes. These results to several variations like the full dress uniform for formal wear, the mess dress uniform, service dress uniform, combat uniform and many others. For example, in the United States army branch of the military, The Army Combat Uniform (ACU) is the current battle uniform worn by the United States army and it is classified as a utility uniform. It is also worn by the Air Force as Airman Combat Uniform and also by some civilian employees of the United States Department of Defense (DoD).


There is also the Army Service Uniform (ASU) which is worn as a formal dress. It is designed for most public and official functions as well as business. The uniform comes in a black beret, dark blue coat, and white shirt with black silk or satin tie, dark blue pants or skirts for general officers and light blue for others and enlisted personnel.


Our military emblems are specially designed for these uniforms and never to be applied anywhere else. The various emblems include different rank insignias, combat patch to unit patches and many more. We design these emblems to make sure that the uniforms look very professional and top notch when worn with the patches. A sharp looking uniform is an indication of self-respect, alertness, pride and positive attitude. By wearing these uniforms, military officers embody professionalism and commitment to their values, loyalty, respect, duty, honor, selfless service, personal courage and integrity.

The buyers and end users of our Military emblems

Since these emblems are strictly designed for army uniforms, they are not up for the public. However, they are purchased by Government approved uniform suppliers who use them on the uniforms they supply to different branches of the military.  They are also bought by military units or groups who want a top notch common emblem for their unit. Individual military officers also patronize us especially when they need their emblems customized or refined with a fine cut patch as their shoulder sleeve insignia and other Military emblems.

History of Military emblems

Military emblems were first created when soldiers started moving into combat in groups rather than the whole army hence army units. The 81st infantry Division code named Wildcat in US army is known or agreed to have been the first army unit authorized to wear an emblem as a unit patch. This was during the First World War when they sailed to France after having their training at Fort Jackson South Carolina. They wore an olive drab felt emblem on their left shoulders showing the silhouette of a wildcat representing the Wildcat Creek – a stream flowing through Fort Jackson. Soldiers from other divisions protested this but General John J. Pershing ruled that the 81st Division can keep their emblem and suggested that other divisions should adopt theirs hence the dawn of era of Military emblems. The right to patch was finally adopted officially by the U.S. Army in October 19, 1918. By the Second World War, different army groups or units as well as major commands all had their own patch or shoulder sleeve insignia. One of these was the 82nd Airborne Division which had an “AA” on its patch alluding to the “All American” soldiers from all states that made the division. The Shoulder sleeve insignia (SSI) received its name because it was commonly worn on the upper left sleeve of the Army combat uniform (ACU). They can also be placed on other locations like the side of a helmet.


Today, most separated brigades have their own emblem except for those permanently assigned to a division. Few other smaller units also have theirs but most battalions and squad don’t. However a good number of Military emblems as unit patch have been assigned to units who are independent of any unified command. This includes the Department of the Army Staff Support, the Special Forces and soldiers assigned outside of the DOD.

Identifying different Military Emblems: the past and the Present

Generally military emblems have been worn by members of the military and were sewn on to the shoulder of their garments. This is done show their position and occupation. Gathering military emblems can be an incredible leisure activity considering the varieties of designs used over the years. Without much stress, you can get some of these patch designs online from different websites as well as offline at physical stores that sell replicas of armed force embellishments. You can also check local clothing stores or those with online presence. 

The first military emblems were seen in the 19th century with individuals from the military wearing it on their uniforms with the patches sewn onto their uniforms by hand. They were considerably less unpredictable than they are today and were very pale considering the fact that military uniforms then had light khaki shading. In 1957, the United States Army changed its uniform from light khaki shade to a green uniform and the shade of the patches likewise changed appropriately to dark green. Variations of these military emblems were officially approved for troops serving in different parts of the world including Korea, Japan and Vietnam. A large portion of the military emblems worn after these changes were designed using silk and a small panel.


Today, several types of military patches are worn by different branches of the military and its ranking officers. In the United States Army, the patches worn by the Generals are round shaped with a black background and words “United States Army” written in gold. The servicemen for the most part wear the standard sorts. Naval members in the US Navy wear military emblems which are rounded with a white background and the engravings done in gold thread while that of the Air Force also has a white background with blue engravings. The Marines military emblem is a little different; it has red, green and black colors with an outline around the boarder. The United Coastal Guard has a round shape with black wordings and a golden symbol while the Veterans have theirs colored in brown with a set of off-white characters.

You can easily find other individual military patches in special clothing stores and online patch services or patch suppliers. If you are a member of the military and would like to order specially designed military emblems, visit patch makers like Houston embroidery Service and you’ll get the best military emblems at affordable cost.