Custom Morale Patches

Custom morale patches with Velcro or iron on backing is available at reasonable prices. We deliver all custom morale patches quickly and offer free shipping.


Regular turnaround time 10-working days, and 3-day rush delivery at additional cost.


Want to show your support for your favorite sports team? A political party? Local police or firefighters? A school? The military? Or maybe an entire country?

If you said yes to any of those, you are probably looking to buy morale patches. But what exactly are they? How should you attach them? Is one kind of backing better than another? How can you ensure the quality of the patches?

At Houston Embroidery Service, we’re patch experts. We can guide you to the right selections to meet your needs.

What Are Custom Morale Patches and How Are They Attached?

Flag patches and other types of morale patches are worn by people who want to show their allegiance and love for that group or entity. There are several ways that embroidered morale patches can be made and attached to shirts, caps, or jackets. The most common backing option is iron on; please check out our iron on patches.

We produce high quality custom patches (Embroidered patches and Printed patches) at reasonable prices in 3  to 10 business days. Buy high-quality embroidered morale patches from Houston Embroidery Service. Show your love for your favorite team, group, or organization. These morale patches are not the same as used by military or army; the Military patches or Army patches worn by the officials are different.

Velcro Backing (for Custom Morale Patches)

Patches that use Velcro backing stick on with a clever system that involves “loops” on one side and “J-hooks” on the other.

Heat Seal Backing (for Custom Morale Patches)

Also known as iron-on backing, this type adheres the patches to fabric using a special glue. At regular temperatures, the glue isn’t sticky at all. To activate it, you must use an iron to heat it up. This will make the glue stick to the fabric. When it cools and dries, it will cement itself in place.

Sew On Option (for Custom Morale Patches)

This is exactly what it sounds like. In order to attach these morale patches, you need to sew them on. Most patches for jackets are sew on patches. If you know how to sew, then you can do it yourself. Otherwise, get someone who does sewing.

Adhesive Backing (for Custom Morale Patches)

Think of these as a combination of patches and stickers. Essentially, they come with a backing that can be peeled off to reveal a sticky substance beneath. This substance allows you to temporarily attach the patch to a piece of fabric. It will work like this around 4 to 6 times before the stickiness wears away completely. At that point, it can be sewn on if you want.

Which Type of Backing Do You Want for Your Custom Morale Patches?

This depends on a couple of factors.

First, the type of fabric you plan to attach them to. Certain types of backings work better on certain types of fabrics but not as well on others. The second thing that should determine the type of backing you get is how you plan to use the patch.

Let’s say you want team patches for an event where people will change teams. Adhesive patches might be okay, but Velcro patches would be best since they can be removed and reattached as many times as you need.

However, if you want to show your love for your country by getting an American flag patch, you want one that can be ironed or sewn on, since that is a more permanent option.

Finally, if you’re attending a political convention for just one weekend, you want a morale patch that can be easily removed after the event is over. In this case, adhesive is the ideal choice.

High-Quality Embroidered Custom Morale Patches from Houston Embroidery Service

Whatever your morale patch needs, we can meet them with products that will exceed your expectations and show everyone who you stand by.

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Learn more about American flag patches and other morale patches we can design for you by getting in touch with us.