Looking for Tactical Hat Velcro Patches?

Houston Embroidery Services is one of the leading custom made Velcro patches manufacturers and suppliers in Texas. We offer a wide range of custom made Velcro patches from tactical hat Velcro patches to blank Velcro patches. These patches are manufactured following your instructions.

With the help of our experienced and skilled team of embroiderers, you will receive the perfect Velcro patches for your brand or uniform. If you are looking to have tactical hat Velcro patches made, then keep on reading, and we will answer all the questions you might have.


Our services at a glance:

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●    Velcro, Iron on, and Peel and Stick Backing

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Here Are Some of the Most Commonly Asked Questions

How are Tactical Hat Velcro Patches Made?

We produce custom tactical hat Velcro patches based on your requirements. Once you have sent in your artwork, our professional digitizers will clean out the design; and create a digitized file. This file is used to help the machine understand your design. We will send you a virtual sample to show how your tactical hat Velcro patches will turn out. After approval, we will run the production.

What are the Blank Velcro Patches?

Screen printers or embroiderers use these blank Velcro patches; a blank patch allows the decorators a chance to add a custom touch to their patches. They embroider a name or a logo using their own embroidery machines. Also, an apparel decorator can create their printed patches using our blank Velcro patches. They need to print a logo using dye sublimation ink on a transfer paper and then transfer it on a blank patch using a heat press machine. We offer blank Velcro patches, that have a plain front with a clean border and a Velcro backing.

What Machinery & Technology Do You Use?

We use Japanese embroidery machine brand, Barudan. Barudan embroidery machines are the most reliable brand, and it is widely used around the world as well as in the US. We use Wilcom to convert your logo images into embroidery files. Wilcom is an Austrian embroidery digitizing program, and it is most significant embroidery software. It is easy to use and user-friendly; it has all the features and functions needed to create an embroidery design for embroidered patches.

How Quickly Can I get Blank Velcro Patches?

From 3 to 10 business days. The time frame of the delivery for your blank Velcro patches depends on the size and quantity. However, once you have approved the final samples; and sent back us a signed copy of confirmation, we will start manufacturing. Once your patches are ready, we will send the order via DHL.

How Much do Tactical Hat Velcro Patches Cost?

It depends on the size, design, and quantity. It is impossible to offer you an exact number without getting details from your side. We provide quick price quotes. However, we offer economical prices for tactical hat Velcro patches.

How to Apply Custom Made Velcro Patches?

Start by sewing the soft side / loop side of the Velcro on the garment. Once you have sewn the soft base / loop side of the Velcro to your garment, now you can easily stick or peel off the top side / J-hook side of your Velcro patches. It is so easy!

What Type of Thread Can be Used for Custom Made Velcro Patches?

Houston Embroidery Service offers you a chance to get the best, and the most economical option available on the market. Which is why we offer you both Maderia thread and Chinese thread. Where Maderia is the most expensive thread in the world and gives a spectacular finish to the embroidered patches; it is not the most economical option. Which is why we use Chinese thread; so, you can keep your final cost in check.

Why Should You Go for Custom Made Velcro Patches?

With the help of Velcro, you can create custom tactical hat Velcro patches; using different materials, fabrics, and thread. As Velcro backing is suitable for embroidery and dye sublimated printed patches. These patches are used when more than one person uses the same uniform or any piece of clothing. As it allows them to easily add their tag to the piece of clothing they have received. In addition, Velcro patches can easily be used when using rented uniforms. Allowing you a chance to take complete advantage of your blank Velcro patches.

What is the Importance of Blank Velcro Patches?

There is no uniform that is complete without a patch, that identifies who you are where you belong to. We offer a great range of blank Velcro patches that include various materials, sizes, shapes, and borders. You can choose everything down to the base and border color. Allowing you a chance to create completely custom Velcro patches by yourself. We are here to help you save your time and money. Our blank Velcro patches are manufactured using quality materials, so you can easily out them to use.

Velcro Patches Fashion Trends

Over the last few years, we have seen many fashion houses take on Velcro patches, and blend them with their designs. They use large patches for jackets to give a unique look. Where patches are not new to the fashion industry, but Velcro patches aren’t always regarded as the best item to include in a fashion attire. However, that is no longer the case. Today, many large fashion corporations are using Velcro patches to their advantage. By offering a complete range of patches to choose from, buyers now have the chance to change their jackets or coats; and customize them according to their mood. This allows them to use one piece of clothing, without it getting too much. This versatile touch these Velcro patches offer is amazing and will blow you away.

History of Velcro Patches

We think, Velcro patches are a huge part of the Military history and have been associated with many law enforcement agents, and soldiers. The first time we saw Velcro patches was during the World War I. At that time they were used by British soldiers and called battle badges. At that point, they were used to help identify enemy units, from allies. In the 1920’s Velcro patches became more unique and personalized. As people started to trade and collect these patches as a hobby. This way set in place to help bring civilian population a step closer to the army and armed forces of the county.


In the US the first moral patch was created for the 81st Division Wildcats of the US Army. It was announced that patches should be used to help identify a division. This was set in place to help boost the morale of troops, as their work would be acknowledged better. Morale patches have been a part of the uniform. Soon after that General Pershing announced that all troops should wear custom made Velcro patches that identify their division.

Create Your Custom Made Velcro Patches

We at Houston Embroidery Service create patches for all sorts to tactical teams, armed forces, and other industries. For instance, our custom made Velcro patches are used by:

Uniforms – Policearmyscouts, medical, militaryfirefighter, restaurant industry, plumbers, engineering, sports, and other types of workwear / uniform. These custom made Velcro patches can hold their names, for ease. In addition, Velcro patches aren’t just used to help add a name to the individuals attire. As they are used to help identify individuals’ names, status, ranks, and what industry they represent.


Promotional – Custom made Velcro patches are used to help raise awareness, or to auction off. Either way, they make a great source of representation and help cheer on current and retired tactical personnel.


Personal – These custom made Velcro patches are the perfect addition to any artists collection. As you can easily top them with your personal art, and use them when need be. Meaning it can become a custom piece on your bag or your jeans. Either way, there are endless uses when it comes to Velcro patches.