US Army Patches

Looking for US Army patches at reasonable prices with quick turnaround?

If you belong to a service organization such as the US Army and understand true loyalty, then it’s time to be real about it with well designed US Army patches. Patches has been a new identity defining method of representing or decorating one’s unit, department or teams in the military force. As such, express your love for the US army in a pronounced way by having us design outstanding US Army patches for you. Whether in need of different quantities on your team’s official uniforms, we will deliver beyond your expectations. We create patches that depict as well as add spice to your loyalty to the US Army.

Houston Embroidery Service is a first-rate manufacturer and supplier of custom made patches in Texas. We deliver high quality US Army patches irrespective of the desired backing in addition to different patch types all at affordable rates with diverse backing option.  We design patches by different methods such as embroidery, printing, woven, leather or PVC. Below are our services at a glance;

  • Special Discount to SAGE, ASI and PPAI members
  • Low Prices with Quick Turnaround time.
  • 3-day Super RUSH Delivery
  • Free Shipping Worldwide on all orders.
  • 5-day RUSH Delivery.
  • Velcro Backing and other backing types
  • US Army Unit Patches
  • Custom made patches

To better understand as well as clear questions and doubts you may have as regards purchasing our US Army patches, we’ve taken time out to provide clear and precise answers to them. Please do read on.

How are the US Army Patches made?

We make our US Army patches using a computerized embroidery machine. With the embroidery machine, a logo or text is embroidered on a piece of cloth using an embroidery thread. Your patch is first designed on a computer program. Thereafter, the digital embroidery file created is sent as a file into the embroidery machine through a USB or data cable. The file serves as the feed for the patch to be designed unto the fabric.

What type of thread and Fabric are utilized in making your US Army Patches?

There are various types of thread commercially available for patch making; however the most popular is the Madeira embroidery thread. This thread is the finest yet most expensive thread that delivers high quality end results/patches.  Given its cost and affordability, this thread is used only on request during the creation of fire resistant embroidered patches (For more details on fire resistant embroidered patches, please visit this page). Other than the Madeira embroidery thread, we use high quality Chinese thread in making both US Army patches and every other embroidered patches in order to bring down cost. However, in the event you require the use of Madeira embroidery thread in creating your patches, please do place a request for that. Click here to learn more about Madeira.

The polyester twill fabric is used mainly in making our embroidered US Army patches. In addition, on request, we use real leather, fake leather, nylon, felt, canvas, and other types of woven fabrics.

Can you make the edges of my US Army Patches sharp when I place an order?

Rather than getting patches with standard rounded edges, we have created a solution to ensure you get sharp edged patches. Using the Hot-Cut Edge also called Satin-Stitch Edge, we create sharp patches with detailed edges and designs with fine levels of detail and intricacy. This process is recommended irrespective of patch shapes whether as custom-cut or kiss-cut shapes. At no additional cost, we offer satin-stitch border on the edges of these patches.

What type of embroidery machine do you use to make these US Army Patches?

Commercially, there are different brands of embroidery machines available. Nevertheless, we make our patches with the Barudan embroidery machines. These machines are made by a Japanese brand that is known for high quality embroidery. We aim to deliver the best services to all our customers at all times which is why we use the best embroidery machine. They stand out as the most popular embroidery machine brand in the market. Chinese brands are being used by many of our competitors. This gives rise to products of poor quality embroidery. To learn more about the Barudan embroidery machine, visit this page.

What type of backings are available for the embroidered US Army Patches?

There are 4 common backings that are available for embroidered patches. They include: the Velcro Backing, Iron-On Backing or Heat Seal Backing, Sew on Backing, Peel and Stick Backing. However, for most US Army Patches we make, we use the Sew on option. Nonetheless, these patches, just like other military patches, can be attached by any backing option. Visit this page and learn more about the different backing options commonly used.

How much does it cost to order your US Army Patches?

Each order you place would be calculated based on the number of stitches. This is to ensure these US Army Patches are affordable for you. Irrespective of your number of orders, we would ensure you get the patches at an affordable rate.

Is there any minimum number of orders for US Army Patches?

We do not have minimum order which further implies you can order custom patches no minimum. This goes to say that we are always at your service even if you are ordering just one patch. Our capacity to ensure all our customers are satisfied at all times stems from the fact we have available embroidery machines at our disposal. This lends us loads of flexibility to accommodate any number of patches needed.

What is your quickest delivery time for of US Army Patches?

We assure you of fast delivery services as soon as we are done with production of your patches. Your deliveries would not be delayed as we use DHL as our courier service. This goes to say that in 3-4 days from the time of dispatch, you will have your Velcro Name tags delivered if you reside in US. For rush shipping orders, there are options of 3- or 5-days.

US Army Uniforms

The US Army force like in every country all around the world is a profession. Thus, wearing the US Army Uniform signifies an embodiment of commitment and professionalism towards the US Army values. These values; loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity and personal courage are depicted and seen in the design style and patter of the uniform. There are various US Army Patches ranging from different rank insignias, combat patch to unit patches and many more. It is noteworthy that any of these US Army patches should be worn strictly on army uniforms and nowhere else.

There are different US Army uniforms for different occasions/utilities. The current battle uniform worn by the US Army officers is the Army Combat Uniform (ACU). The Air Force wears it as its Airman Combat Uniform while some civilian employees under the United States Department of Defense (DoD) are also allowed to wear it. To replace the Battle Dress Uniform (BDU) and the Desert Camouflage Uniform (DCU), the ACU was unveiled in June 2004. Different patches are worn on different places on the US Army uniform based on the wearer’s unit, regiment or division. Some of these places include; the shoulders, Right and left breast, upper left and right arm, etc.

As a profession demanding high esteem and professionalism, the Army Service Uniform (ASU) is the right formal dress worn for public, official and even business functions. US soldier’s inventory of the uniform comprises of a black beret, dark blue coat, and white shirt with black silk or satin tie, dark blue pants or skirts for the general officers and light blue for others and enlisted personnel. The ASU was introduced to replace the “Army Green” and “Army White” which were formerly worn as service uniforms.

The buyers and End Users of the US Army Patches

The US Army Patches are strictly made for use by US soldiers and certain civilians. Therefore, they are not up for public use. Thus, only Government approved uniform suppliers are required to purchase them for use on the US Army uniforms. At some point, some army unit officers can request for patches as a group or unit to clearly identify themselves as either outstanding or for their unit goals. At the same time, US Army Patches can be made for individual Army officers who wish to have customized or finely cut patches created for their personal needs.

History of US Army Patches

The 81st infantry Division code named Wildcat in US army is known or agreed to have been the first army unit authorized to wear US Army patches as a unit patch. This was during the First World War when they sailed to France after having their training at Fort Jackson South Carolina. They wore an olive drab felt patch on their left shoulders showing the silhouette of a wildcat representing the Wildcat Creek – a stream flowing through Fort Jackson. Soldiers from other divisions protested this but General John J. Pershing ruled that the 81st Division can keep their patches and suggested that other divisions should adopt theirs hence the dawn of era of US Army patches. The right to patch was finally adopted officially by the U.S. Army in October 19, 1918. By the Second World War, different army groups or units as well as major commands all had their own patch or shoulder sleeve insignia. One of these was the 82nd Airborne Division which had an “AA” on its patch alluding to the “All American” soldiers from all states that made the division. The Shoulder sleeve insignia (SSI) received its name because it was commonly worn on the upper left sleeve of the Army combat uniform (ACU). They can also be placed on other locations like the side of a helmet.

Most separated brigades now have their US army patches except for those permanently assigned to a division. Few other smaller units also have theirs but most battalions and squad don’t. However a good number of US Army patches as unit patch have been assigned to units who are independent of any unified command. This includes the Department of the Army Staff Support, the Special Forces and soldiers assigned outside of the DOD.

How you can easily preserve your US Army Patches

When you are done with military service, as you reflect on your career as a soldier, telling stories to your children or even grand children and showing them your old uniforms, you may start thinking about preserving your US Army patches. Your US Army patches does not only tell your history but also, that of the United States Army; as you know each patch has been around for a long time and each tells a story. Preserving a piece of history to share with your family is important because it can be passed down to many generations after you. Even when you are no longer there, it leaves a legacy

So why not preserve your US Army patches and display them on a wall in your den or living room so that even when your uniform has long been destroyed by moths, your US Army patches will remain forever. Your stories, your history will be passed down in your family for generations and is important to preserve as we all learn from history especially personal history.

One of the things that can easily destroy your US Army patches is exposure to sunlight. Sunlight causes the patches to fade faster breaking down the integrity of the patch itself.

Preserving your Military Patches

One great way to display your US Army patches is by displaying them in a shadow box. When you mount your Shoulder Sleeve Insignia or Army Unit patches in a shadow box, first place them without adhesive so you can have the layout you want. With a little bit of hot glue carefully glue them to the board at the back of the shadow box. Remember, just use a little bit of hot glue. Put your shadow box together and you have a beautiful display of history hanging on your wall.

Another method you can use to preserve your US Army patches is to place them on heavy card stock sheets. Get the patches arranged the way you want them displayed, cut off a small piece of double-sided adhesive tape to stick your patches to the cardstock. Then, slide the cardstock sheet into a plastic protector and place them in a 3 ring binder

History is a very important par t of life; therefore it is important that you keep yours as soldier intact and transferable down to many generations after you. If you want to get top notch quality patches that will last the test of time, Houston Embroidery Service, a leading patch make based in Texas will surely deliver the best to you.