US Army Unit Patches

US Army unit patches – Patches are always a great way to identify, represent or decorate anything; names, units, departments, teams, tactical units, just about any unit in the military can go with their own US Army Unit Patches. US Army unit patches are used to decorate military officers’ uniforms, displaying their units. So if your team or unit needs to create their own emblem or patch to identify your members. You have our attention! Our US Army Unit Patches as well as our Operator Hat Patches for your operators are definitely what you need. With the US Army unit patches, you get to personalize how you want the patches to look thereby making your unit stand out and clearly identified and distinct from other units who rely on the basic identification methods or patches supplied by the government. We also have Funny Tactical Patches filled with jokes and humor to spice up your uniforms when casual.

Houston Embroidery Service, is a leading custom made patches manufacturer and supplier in Texas. We offer US Army Unit Patches with any type of backing specified as well as other patch types at awesome and affordable rates with numerous backing option types. Our operator hat patches and Funny Tactical Patches come in different methods like embroidery, printing, woven, leather, and PVC. Below are our services at a glance;

  • Special Discount to SAGE, ASI and PPAI members
  • Low Prices with Quick Turnaround time.
  • 3-day Super RUSH Delivery
  • Free Shipping Worldwide on all orders.
  • 5-day RUSH Delivery.
  • Velcro Backing and other backing types
  • US Army Unit Patches
  • Operator Hat Patches
  • Funny Tactical Patches
  • Custom made patches

Tell me more about your Funny Tactical Patches

Military tactics comprehensively includes the art of organizing and employing fighting forces on or near the battlefield. They also involve applying the four battlefield functions which relates closely to each other – firepower, mobility, security, and shock action.  Our Funny Tactical patches therefore involves expressing these tactics in a lighter mode with a little bit of humor added to it. They can be worn by military personnel or any friend of the military.

The Funny Tactical patches are done using the same piece of fabric that can blend in with most military uniform. They can be embroidered or printed depending on what your choices are. And also has the option of any type of backing which will be determined by the buyer.

How do you make the US Army Unit Patches?

We make most of our US Army Unit Patches using the embroidery method which involves using a computerized embroidery machine, an embroidery thread, and a piece of cloth.  However, they can by any type of patch with any type backing option. After you’ve requested for your US Army Unit Patches, we design and upload it to this machine which puts out the design on a piece of cloth.

How do you attach the Funny Tactical Patches on clothing?

Most times, we use the Sew On method for army patches however, just like Operator hat patches and the US Army Unit patches, Funny Tactical Patches can be attached using any backing option. The four common ways we use to attach these patches on clothing are; the Velcro Backing, Iron-On Backing or Heat Seal Backing, Sew on Backing, Peel and Stick Backing. Visit this page to learn more about these backing options.

What is the cost of purchasing your Funny Tactical Patches?

We calculate our prices based on the number of stitches made which makes it more affordable for you. We do not have minimum to orders thereby giving you the flexibility to order any number affordable for you.  So I can assure you it won’t cost you much to have us make your Funny Tactical Patches. Please note that this same pricing method is also used on the operator hat patches and US Army unit patches.

How quickly can I get my Operator Hat Patches once I place an order?

In a bid to make our customers happy, we give them a fast paced service. Your order for Operator Hat Patches shouldn’t take long to get to you. We use DHL for our delivery which means you should have your operator hat patches delivered to you within 3 – 4 days from the time of dispatch if you are in the US. However, if you are ordering for a customized Operator Hat Patches, then we might take a few times corresponding with you to get the patch design produced exactly the way you want it. Once we get your approval, we’ll commence production and dispatch immediately to get to you in 3 – 4 days from time of dispatch. There are also options for 3-days or 5-days RUSH service for this. Please note that this also applies to both the US army unit patches and the Funny Tactical Patches.

Who are your major buyers of your Operator hat patches?

The Operator hat patches and US Army Unit patches are mostly purchased by Government approved uniform suppliers who use them on the uniforms they supply to the military.  They are also bought by military units and military officials also purchase directly from us especially when they need it customized. Our funny tactical patches are bought by individuals as well as military personnel who want to add a bit humor to their highly demanding job.